“Yellow-green and green-yellow in color” doesn’t even begin to describe the range of intriguing olive hues embodied within this gem.

Shimmery green and ever mystical, the peridot has been called “the evening emerald.” From the mineral olivine, peridots have been frequently mistaken for topaz or emeralds through the years.


Valued in ancient and medieval cultures, peridots have been found among priests’ jewelry and even in European medieval churches.

It is uncertain where the name “peridot” comes from; some say it has origins in the Arabic word  faridat  which means “unique, gold or precious” depending on the words, but others claim it comes from the French peritot meaning “unclear” due to internal fractures. Wherever the name comes from, the sourcing of this gem is just as unique and “out of this world.”


While many peridots are found in hardened lava and volcanic rock, quite a number of sizeable gems have been found within meteorites from outer space!

Peridots are found all over this planet too! From China, Myanmar, and Vietnam all the way to the United States (Arizona specifically), peridots are a wide-ranging, every stunning gem. One intriguing location is Peridot Beach Hawaii – Mahana Beach is one of only three green sand beaches in the world due to its unique amounts of olivine (the mineral form of gem-quality peridots).


Peridots are “stones of compassion” and believed to bring good health, sleep, and peace by balancing emotions and mind. Legend has it that when set in gold, the peridot develops its full power as a talisman able to shield its wearer from “terrors of the night” and evil spirits, including nightmares.

While these crystallic powers are unproven, peridot certainly pairs well with gold! This gleaming green gem will look great with any metal pairing, but something about yellow gold really draws out the warmth of the stone and gives it a magical lure.


Peridots land on the Mohs scale mark of 6.5-7 which means that while it is a softer gem, it’s still durable enough for jewelry wear. It’s best to exercise caution with peridots as they cannot withstand hard wear and tear, but as a jewelry piece – they make for lovely accent pieces. As subtle or as bold as you like, peridots can blend into your wardrobe perfectly or stand out with a shine – it’s all up to you!

Classically given as a 16th wedding anniversary gift, the peridot is also the August birthstone. Celebrating that special anniversary or know someone with an August birthday? They’re certain to love a one-of-a-kind piece from Joslin’s! Browse our pendant, bracelet and ring selections – or custom design your own perfect present with help from Joslin’s own jewelry-casting expert Elicia!

Peridots are very sensitive to heat and to acid so cleaning must be done very carefully to avoid fractures or erosion; ultrasonic and steam cleaners are not recommended. If you have peridot jewelry that needs to be cleaned and polished, put your gems in good hands – contact Joslin’s today!