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Why and How to Choose an Alternative Engagement Ring

Timeless traditions have their place – after all, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” Elegant and sophisticated, diamond engagement rings are durable, fiery, and symbolic of eternal love.

And yet – the dazzle of diamonds has been done. Where some see beautiful tradition, others see an obligatory box.

The world contains a myriad of gems and a universe of colors! Celebrities like Emma Stone, Kate Middleton, Halle Berry and Gwyneth Paltrow have all chosen to walk the studded path of stunning alternative engagement rings. From sapphires to emeralds to pearls, the opportunities are endless. Singer Maren Morris wears a diamond, true – but a rough cut gorgeous stone indicative of her one-of-a-kind-ness. Raw stones are also worth a second glance.

Take a look at a few of these breathtaking beauties and see just how magnificent and meaningful alternative engagement rings can be!

How to Choose An Alternative Engagement Ring

Durability – Keep in mind your type of lifestyle when choosing an engagement ring. Do you work a lot with your hands? Are you in the gym frequently? Perhaps a soft gem like a pearl or an opal is not the best choice for an engagement ring that you will likely wear daily.

Style – From metal band to setting to gemstone, the choice is all yours! Whether you like an exotic tanzanite stone or a soft feminine morganite, this engagement ring should be anything but cut and dried. Read more about unique gemstones like moonstone and moissanite here!

Colors –Do you have a favorite color? Maybe you treasure your birthstone. Perhaps you’d like to opt for a pale violet morganite or a lustrous moonstone. Even diamonds themselves come in all shades including yellows and pinks!

Meaning – When it comes to engagement rings, shiny is good, and meaningful is better. Whether you’ve got the heart of a rebel who carves your own path or you’re a sentimental softie with a fairytale love story, your engagement ring should tell your own story. Reflect your one of a kind history and personality with an engagement ring just as unique.

Joslin’s more than anyone understands the importance of having an engagement ring suited just for you. Different stories, different styles, different preferences – each couple has a unique bond. From a wide selection of colors, stones, and sizes to a one-on-one conversation about customization, Joslin’s will make sure you get the perfect ring.

After all, an engagement ring should be as unique and beautiful as its love story.

Contact Joslin’s today to find the perfect alternative engagement ring for you.