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Vicky and Chad Cory.

Vicky and Chad Cory.

Meet Chad and Vicky – Joslin’s Customers of 20 Years!

In 2003, Chad made his first trip to Joslin’s. He was on a mission to find a beautiful engagement ring for his future wife, Vicky. Chad said he had no idea what to expect and was even a little bit nervous. He had an amount in mind for the purchase, but he really didn’t know what kind of ring was within his budget range.

“I knew nothing about diamonds and I didn’t know anything about the ring-buying process. I met Gary Joslin and he just smiled at me and said, ‘It’s all good, man! A lot of people do this, we’ll get you through it, and we’ll have fun doing it. Shopping for an engagement ring should be fun!’”

The ring selection process went as promised and Chad found Vicky the perfect engagement ring for Vicky. The happy couple came back in to Joslin’s together soon after to choose their wedding bands. The couple’s life journey together was off to a happy start!

Over the years, Chad has returned to Joslin’s whenever he’s looking for a special gift for Vicky. Chad likes Joslin’s non-commissioned approach to jewelry sales. Previously Chad had experienced the commission-focused “always be upselling” mindset of other jewelry stores, but says he never felt that at Joslin’s. According to Chad:

“Everyone at Joslin’s is always so friendly – you really feel they want to help you and not just sell you. Whether you’re visiting Joslin’s for a $100 ring or $10,000 ring, the Joslin’s staff always gives you the best service and they’re always so helpful.”

Chad and Vicky at Arrowhead.

Chad and Vicky spending an afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium.

Chad and Vicky do more than just purchase jewelry at Joslin’s though. Whenever they’re in need of jewelry cleaning or a repair, they also head straight to Joslin’s – including the time Chad’s wedding band had a run-in with their garbage disposal!

One day Chad was using the couple’s kitchen sink. He flipped on the garbage disposal – to be met with a much louder than usual grinding noise. It seemed there was something stuck in the disposal, so Chad went to work trying to fish it out.

He pulled out some chewed up muck that he suspected was the cause of the ruckus, and again flipped the switch – only to hear more banging and crunching. In frustration, Chad decided to just let the garbage disposal do its job and chew up the rest of the annoying noisemaker.

After letting the InSinkErator do its thing for a good while longer, Chad shut it down and, once again, reached in to hunt for the clamoring debris. Much to Chad’s surprise he pulled out a now chewed-up version of what had once been his pristine wedding band!

But how did it get in the disposal? Chad believes it happened because he had recently lost some weight – resulting in a looser fitting ring. He thinks the ring must have slipped off while he was digging for the original cause of the noisy disposal. The bad news was Chad’s poor wedding band had taken quite a beating – in fact, such a beating that Chad was fairly certain there was little hope in restoring it. But his wife Vicky thought differently, she insisted they have Joslin’s take a look at the ring.

When Gary saw the ring, he was immediately ecstatic they had brought it to him to repair, shouting out, “We got one!” It was a tough challenge, but Gary doesn’t mind tough challenges – he knew he could do the ring some good, so he set to work on it.

Thanks to Joslin’s, the garbage disposal story has a happy ending! When Chad and Vicky returned for the wedding band there was absolutely no evidence of the rough and tumble ride it had taken in their garbage disposal. It truly looked as good as new!

Whether you’re searching for a brand new wedding ring – or are in need of repair on an existing ring, Joslin’s is here to help! Visit Joslin’s Jewelry today and join the thousands of happy customers who have made Joslin’s their jeweler for life!