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Why Joslin’s Does What We Do

Kimberly and daughter Olivia.

What matters to you matters greatly to us. At Joslin’s, our investment in our customers goes beyond top quality jewelry and excellent customer service. We manage more than gemstones and precious metals; at Joslin’s our true passion is our customers!

Your family heirlooms, your cherished memories, your sweet proposals – all of your many generations of precious stories are why we do what we do! That’s why we love getting to share a story here and there of the pieces and people that mean so much to us.

Kimberly’s Story

The very first diamond Kimberly ever received was a Joslin’s engagement ring from her first husband. He’d had it designed especially for her at Joslin’s: a gorgeous diamond in a tension setting, a less common setting at the time. Now 20-some years later, Kimberly wanted to transform her old engagement ring into a one-of-a-kind necklace for their daughter, Liv.

Kimberly’s engagement ring before the transformation into a pendant.

Kimberly brought the ring back to Joslin’s, where she met Gary Joslin for the first time. “Gary is probably one of the kindest people I’ve ever met,” she commented. “He’s nothing what you’d think a high-end jewelry person would be like – no salesman vibes. Gary is the nicest, most real, super down-to-earth person and he just cares. You can tell he cares about every single person that walks through the door. He’s so attentive! To be an owner and to be involved with almost every customer that walks through the door is pretty outstanding.”

Gary took a look at the ring and told Kimberly they could easily refashion it into a necklace; Joslin’s jeweler Cameron agreed that it was an easy change and would be a great piece. Not only could they make it into a pendant, they explained – they could even keep the original tension setting!

“I thought it would be done in three weeks, maybe even shipped out,” Kimberly laughed. “Nope! They were so fast! I walked in with no appointment and they had the new piece finished, cleaned and everything in about 20 minutes. It is beautiful, and it looks brand new!”

Kimberly’s daughter Liv with her new heirloom diamond-pendant necklace.

Gary and the Joslin’s team transformed the old engagement ring into a gorgeous, free-floating pendant necklace. Kimberly purchased a stunning white gold chain to match the platinum and white gold setting. “Such high quality and done so quickly, it’s worth every penny,” Kimberly reflected. “And I was so thrilled to walk out with it the same day.”

“I’m definitely going to go back and get more jewelry there,” Kimberly continued. “The service was incredible; I felt like family. I honestly can’t say enough good things – I would absolutely recommend Joslin’s to everyone.”

Watch more of Kimberly’s feedback in the video below.

What’s Next?

Joslin’s was honored to transform a precious engagement ring into a sentimental heirloom for Kimberly’s daughter – a way to pass something special along to the next generation. At Joslin’s we value all of our customers and cherish their incredible stories of life. Have a piece you’d like to repair or a custom design in mind?

Click here for more information or just stop by Joslin’s – we’d love to hear your story!



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