Precious Stones, Precious Stories

Why Joslin’s Does What We Do

Nicole and her Dad, Ron

What matters to you matters greatly to us. At Joslin’s, our investment in our customers goes beyond top quality jewelry and excellent customer service. We manage more than gemstones and precious metals; at Joslin’s our true passion is our customers!

Your family heirlooms, your cherished memories, your sweet proposals – all of your many generations of precious stories are why we do what we do! Beyond our stunning collection of engagement rings and other fine jewelry, what we most treasure are all the stories behind the jewelry – and, with every interaction, continuing to earn your trust.

As Gary Joslin likes to put it: “This business is about trust. You can’t find it everywhere in town, but our hallmark at Joslin’s is your trust.”

Nicole’s Story

Before Repair

Recently, a customer, Nicole W., came in with a ring in need of repair – along with a touching story associated with the ring that she said we could share. Nicole had received a special ring from her dad many years ago. After her father passed away in 2019, she began to wear the ring every day – until one day she noticed one of the stones on the ring had gone missing!

Nicole heard about Joslin’s from a friend who had purchased an engagement ring with Joslin’s and was quite pleased, so Nicole decided to check out Joslin’s social media pages and read through Joslin’s online reviews. Everything Nicole read and saw pointed her to Joslin’s – so she brought her treasured ring in for repair.

Of course, restoring and repairing jewelry is one of Joslin’s specialties. Not only do we love getting to meet our customers and hear their wonderful memories, but we also appreciate repurposing or restoring family heirlooms as a sustainable jewelry practice! (Read more about Sustainable Jewelry here!)

We’re happy to say that Joslin’s was able to help Nicole by making the necessary ring repairs – replacing a missing stone, repairing a broken prong, and shining the ring up – making it look nearly brand new.

Watch the following short video for the full heartwarming story!



After Repair

Like Nicole, you too can trust Joslin’s with your treasured jewelry.

To restore or repair a special piece of your own, just contact us online today or drop by the store!

We can’t wait to meet you and hear your story! At Joslin’s, jewelry is our passion; people are our purpose!