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Revitalizing Family Heirlooms

One of the most meaningful engagements for the jewelers at Joslin’s.

Jodi E. recently brought one of her grandmother Betty’s rings into the store to have it reset with new stones. Betty had received it many years before as an anniversary gift from her husband, Jodi’s grandfather. She had the diamond from her original engagement ring removed and reset into a unique double setting with a new, second diamond. These were then surrounded by a striking ridge design and several diamond accents.

The ring holds a very special place in Jodi’s heart. Her grandmother wore the ring on her right hand, and because a childhood illness had caused deafness in her left ear, Jodi always sat on her grandmother’s right, which allowed her to admire the ring whenever they were together.

Jodi’s grandmother passed away in 2015, and Jodi’s mother inherited it. She brought it to Joslin’s and had the diamonds removed and set into a new yellow gold setting, then tucked the original one away. Years later, Jodi reminisced about the ring with her mother, who then told her that she still had that setting, which she then gave to Jodi. She kept the setting as a precious memory of her grandmother, and on a recent birthday, her husband, Eric, asked if she would like the ring reset as a gift.

Two deep blue sapphires now form the centerpiece of this unique ring.

Eric and Jodi visited Joslin’s to see what their options were. Instead of diamonds, Jodi wanted to honor her grandmother by having the ring set with Betty’s birthstone – sapphires. After a quick inspection to make sure that no damage had been done when the original diamonds had been removed years earlier, the jewelers at Joslin’s found that it was still in excellent condition.

Next: selecting the right pair of sapphires! Joslin’s ordered several pairs in varying hues for Jodi to choose from. Whenever multiple stones are set in one application, Joslin’s staff is dedicated to ensuring color consistency by ordering stones cut from the same larger gem.

Once Jodi and Eric selected their favorites, Joslin’s set the dazzling blue sapphires with extra-secure bezel settings. Just one week later, Jodi returned to pick up her heirloom ring, and she was delighted to see it sparkle again for the first time in many years, this time with her grandmother’s birthstone.

Joslin’s Jewelry loves bringing family heirlooms back to life. Instead of tucking those special pieces away, never to be admired or enjoyed or worn, bring them to Joslin’s and bring them back to sparkling life!