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Check out these popular engagement ring styles to help guide you toward your dream ring!

Engagement ring trends have steadily been leaning toward eye-catching styles that are much more bold and unique than we’ve seen in some time, which is exciting! More brides are choosing engagement rings that more dramatically reflect their personal style versus more traditional styles.

If you are just beginning your engagement ring shopping journey, the best advice we can offer: take time to explore what’s out there! You may have a vague idea or picture in your mind of what your forever ring may look like, but keep an open mind.

Many brides begin the shopping process preferring one style, but after reviewing several looks they end up falling for a ring they hadn’t previously considered. Remember, trends come and go but you’ll cherish your ring for years to come. Don’t necessarily let past trends influence your choice; the jewelers at Joslin’s will work with you to help select a ring style that really speaks to you and reflects the connection you share with your partner!

2023 Engagement Ring Trends


Emerald engagement ring.

Emeralds symbolize balance and good fortune.

Colored Center Stones

More and more brides are opting for colored gemstones instead of diamonds for their engagement rings. There are so many beautiful gems to choose from and the variety allows for more personalization in your ring. A wide variety of gems are just as striking as diamonds and they also may be a bit more budget-friendly!

Sapphires, emeralds, rubies, morganites, aquamarines, amethysts, opals, and peridots are popular engagement ring choices. Each gemstone also has special, more spiritual qualities  – rubies symbolize health and wisdom, opals symbolize hope and purity, sapphires symbolize loyalty and honesty, and so on. With that sentiment in mind, you can choose one or more stones that represent qualities of your relationship that are important to you and your partner with the corresponding gem!

Hidden Halos

Hidden halos consist of diamonds that are not visible from a top-down view of the ring. Instead, they are tucked under the center stone, revealing its presence with a surprise flash of sparkle below the main diamond. Hidden halos add a sophisticated, yet intimate element to engagement rings and work with numerous settings and center stone cuts. Hidden halos are an excellent way to achieve a clean, simple look that bucks tradition.

Step-cut, emerald cut diamond.

The parallel facets create a type of “hall of mirrors” illusion within the diamond.

Step-Cut Diamonds

Step-cut diamonds have captured the hearts of brides due to their elegant, yet minimalistic, appearance. The name comes from their resemblance to step pyramids (think Aztec temples) because of their parallel facets on each side.

Step-cut diamonds are available in three different styles:

  • Asscher: Square with a distinctive ‘x’ running through it and cropped corners.
  • Emerald: Rectangular with a large face and cropped corners.
  • Baguette: Thin rectangle with fewer facets – typically used as accents.

These cuts have been extremely popular among vintage jewelry designers, with the Asscher cut being a perennial top choice in the early-20th century, and the Emerald cut making many appearances on the fingers of celebrities in the mid-20th century. Both are nice retro choices to consider!

Bezel Settings

A bezel setting consists of a rim of metal completely enclosing the gem and can be used in a variety of jewelry applications. Bezels are particularly popular since they are the most secure way to set a diamond or gemstone versus prongs, which are more prone to breaking. Since they provide a decent amount of added durability, bezels can be used to incorporate softer gems that typically can’t be used in daily wear jewelry, perfect for brides who want something beyond a diamond as the center stone.

Bezels can be applied to all different shapes of gems and can be made from different metals – allowing for lots of freedom in designing a custom engagement ring. Many are drawn to bezels simply because of their streamlined semi-retro look. Bezels are one of the more traditional methods of setting gems, which is why bezels appear in most antique jewelry pieces.

Yellow gold engagement ring.

The rich color of yellow gold enhances the diamond’s sparkle.

Yellow Gold Bands

Over the past 10-20 years, white gold, rose gold, and silver have been the top metal choices for engagement rings, but yellow gold is making a strong comeback. A yellow gold band brings a classic vintage aesthetic to a ring design and also contrasts brightly with diamonds, enhancing their shine and sparkle. Plus, yellow gold has a higher concentration of copper than other golds, making it extra durable – perfect for everyday wear.

Ready to take the next step in engagement ring shopping? Visit Joslin’s Jewelry to see your favorite styles in person, as well as have all your questions answered by Joslin’s jewelry experts!