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This Valentine’s Day, Joslin’s is really feeling the love – our very own Elicia Joslin and Cameron Pfannenstiel are engaged! After instantly hitting it off in the Johnson County Community College game room and spending five years together as a couple, Cameron decided to take their relationship to the next level by asking for Elicia’s hand in marriage.

So, what does it look like when two people who work in the jewelry business become engaged – and how did Cameron settle on the perfect ring? We talked with both Cameron and Elicia to find out more about the life-changing moment.

As for selecting the perfect ring for Elicia, it was a no brainer for Cameron to buy from Joslin’s. “I know the quality of the diamonds we sell at Joslin’s, plus when you buy a diamond from Joslin’s we will throw in the solitaire ring for no extra charge,” he said, “I know Elicia prefers simple jewelry, so this worked out perfectly.”

The Glowing Couple!

Cameron felt at ease knowing that if Elicia wasn’t head over heels for the solitaire ring he selected, she would be able to replace the solitaire with a different ring she preferred after the proposal. This is the case for everyone who shops at Joslin’s! To no surprise, Elicia loved the ring he selected.

Elicia had a gut feeling Cameron had gotten her a ring – after all, they had been together for five years! For her, it was the anticipation of when he was going to get down on one knee that was eating at her. Elicia laughed, “Cameron told me for each day I brought up getting married, he would push back the engagement another day.” She continued, “I was trying so hard to keep my mouth shut, but I was so excited!”

Although the engagement appeared seamless to Elicia, that wasn’t the case for Cameron. He shared, “First, I was going to tie her ring to a dog collar when we went to play with puppies, but they didn’t have collars on. Then, I was going to propose while were out doing karaoke, but we decided not to go.” Ultimately, Cameron decided to propose during a relaxing evening at home.

“Cameron was messing around with me asking if I wanted to see the ring,” said Elicia. “Wanting to wait to see the ring for the first time during the actual proposal, of course I said, ‘No!’,” she exclaimed. Cameron continued to persist that Elicia just take one quick peek at the ring.

At this point, Elicia had her eyes covered and continued to exclaim, “No! I don’t want to see yet!” Cameron continued to talk and after a few seconds in, she realized he was proposing! “I opened my eyes and he was down on one knee. I went from saying, ‘No, no, no,’ to ‘Yes, yes yes!’”

Both Elicia and Cameron agree how the proposal ended up going down was absolutely perfect for their relationship, stating, “Having the proposal at home, where we spend a lot of our time together, was much more intimate. We wouldn’t change a thing!”

From everyone here at Joslin’s: Congratulations Elicia and Cameron! We can’t wait to continue to follow your love story. Next step? Wedding planning!

If you, too, are planning an engagement and in search of the perfect ring, look no further than Joslin’s Jewelry! Stop by and visit Elicia, Cameron or any of the jewelry experts. We can’t wait to help you find the perfect ring for the perfect engagement!