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Love is in the air – at Joslin’s!

Joslin’s is thrilled to be included in another wonderful couple’s love story! Every relationship is as special and one-of-a-kind as a snowflake; at Joslin’s we delight in the details of each romance. Rylie and Peyton are an amazing couple who recently shared the story of their journey with us!

An Unlikely Encounter

Rylie and Peyton met through Facebook Dating, an app designed for meeting and conversing with others who share your same interests. They had both limited their dating interaction “boundaries” to a 5-10 mile radius from their own houses. Rylie’s profile was set to Baldwin, KS; Peyton set his to El Dorado, KS. Somehow they managed to meet, even though they were 200 miles from each other. One thing lead to another and…they fell in love! “FaceTime was pretty much our best friend for a while,” the happy couple remarked.

Rylie and Peyton said they love spending quality time together – and while they were getting to know each other that time was spent going on dates, watching movies together, and hanging out with family.

So how did this happy couple know they’d met their match? According to Rylie: “I knew he was the one when he met my friends and they adored him. Then he met my family…the rest is history!”

And, according to Peyton: “I had come down to Lawrence to hang out with Rylie and her friends. We ended up taking some pictures together on the KU Campus, and it all just felt right!”

Roses and Rings

With marriage proposals, all are unique: Will the proposal be unexpected? Will she propose? Will they casually agree together to get married and elope? Each proposal is a fun insight to the couple, and Joslin’s is excited to hear about each one. Rylie and Peyton’s proposal story is pretty special!

“As far as me knowing whether he was going to propose or not – I knew it was coming soon,” Rylie said. “I just wasn’t sure when. But how he did it blew me away! I’m obsessed with the shows The Bachelor/The Bachelorette/Bachelor in Paradise. I just love them all. Peyton had all my family, his family, and 2 of his buddies together and they each handed me a rose. Peyton handed me the 12th and final rose and, in true Bachelor style, he then asked, ‘Will you accept this final rose?’”

Clearly the idea of surprise and romance is alive and well! And, if the personal rose ceremony wasn’t romantic enough, the actual ring was simply spectacular. When asked if Rylie helped pick out the ring, she responded, “No, it was a complete surprise!”

“The ring Peyton proposed with was my mom’s ring that my dad designed for her a few years back at Joslin’s with Gary. It has 4 grandparents’ rings incorporated in it,” Rylie shared.  Peyton added, “Her dad gifted it to me after I asked for her hand in marriage and we started talking about rings.”

When asked about the experience with Joslin’s, Rylie continued, “My brother also got my sister-in-law’s ring from Joslin’s and had an amazing experience as well. Hands down we would recommend Joslin’s to others – we rate them a 10 out of 10!”

The happy couple plans to wed May 1st at Mildale Farm in Edgerton, Kansas. A relaxing weekend in the Colorado mountains for the honeymoon will follow.

Congratulations to Rylie and Peyton!

Joslin’s – A Family Tradition for Generations

It was pretty special that a prized family treasure created at Joslin’s was passed on to become part of a new love story! As local jewelers with generations of customers, Joslin’s loves nothing more than being a part of the fabric of people’s lives and family histories. One of the most fundamental values at Joslin’s Jewelry begins with the bonds we are able to share with our customers.

If your looking for the perfect lifelong gift for that special someone, visit Joslin’s today! We’re happy to help find a beautiful ring for the love of a lifetime.