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Imagine hot volcanic lava with all its power and energy; when this lava cools, it often forms pockets that trap gasses and water; over time precious crystals form inside these pockets. Most of the time these crystals are white but if iron or manganese is present during the crystals’ formation, these crystals become various shades of violet – creating amethysts!

You can’t have amethysts without their characteristic hues of purple, but the shade itself can vary from deep royal purples to lavender hues to even some pale pink-violet colors!

Amethysts have been valued since the time of the Greeks; they associated the purple hues with grapes and believed amethyst could protect its wearer from drunkenness. Amethysts actually comes from the Greek work amethystos which literally means “not drunk.” Throughout history only royalty could own and wear amethysts because their rare purple hues were associated with high status. Up until the 19th century in fact, most amethysts could only have come from Russia; discoveries in Brazil and Zambia led to a greater spread of these precious crystals so that now you can be just as royal!

It’s said that even Da Vinci highly valued these purple crystals, claiming they protected against evil. Amethysts are called the “All Purpose Stone” because they are said to contain so many beneficial properties; these stones of spiritual protection and purification are said to provide a shield of light around the wearer, activating spiritual awareness and improving focus. If you need a crystal that will act as a natural tranquilizer, welcoming peace into your life and relieving stress and anxiety, amethysts are claimed to dissolve negative energy and increase intuition.

Do you know anyone with a birthday in February? Energy cleansing amethysts are just the personal gift you’re looking for! A stone of excellent clarity, amethysts are also known to be the celebratory markers for 6th and 17th wedding anniversaries. Joslin’s offers a wide variety of beautiful rings and necklaces for you to chose from; can’t find the perfect gift? They also offer custom pieces to help you create the meaningful and unforgettable piece you’re looking for.

Maybe you already have some amethysts in the family jewelry collection. Amethysts are a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness; this means that while they are pretty durable, they will need the occasional repair or professional cleaning. Whether you’re creating an heirloom or looking to restore one, Joslin’s is the professional and personal place you’ve been looking for. Don’t wait any longer for that birthday or late Valentine’s gift; contact us today!