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Graduation season is here and Joslin’s is ready to help commemorate your graduate’s success! 

Despite all the early mornings, late nights, and seemingly endless essays, projects, and presentations, your graduate has made it to the finish line! Many choose to celebrate this momentous achievement with a gift the new grad will cherish for the rest of their life – as a reminder of their amazing accomplishment!

If you choose to give your graduate a piece of hand-selected jewelry from Joslin’s – you’ll find the cases are lined with hundreds of options, but don’t let this overwhelm you! The staff at Joslin’s are experts at assisting customers with finding the perfect gift.

Joslin's Jewelry diamond stud earrings.

Diamond Studs are an elegant option everyone should have in their jewelry collection!

Timeless Beauties

At Joslin’s, every piece of jewelry sold is done so in the hopes that it pleases the wearer and, over time, its quality allows it to become a new family heirloom. That’s why every piece of jewelry from Joslin’s is carefully selected for its classic characteristics – elegance, simplicity, and quality.

The benefit of timeless jewelry is twofold. Of course, pieces with lasting beauty are able to be cherished for more than a lifetime! And when designs are universally loved across generations, these jewelry pieces don’t fall out of style.

Secondly, because of their inherent, yet simple beauty, timeless pieces are worn more often! Jewelry designs that are done in a simple, classic style complement a host of occasions and work with a broad range of outfits – from casual to formal, making them likely to be chosen more frequently when dressing for a wide variety of events! If you want to ensure your graduate will actually wear your gift, make sure to go for something timeless!

Birthstone pendant from Joslin's Jewelry.

Pendants with shining birthstones are always popular graduation gifts!

Make It Personal

Show your graduate this piece of jewelry was selected especially for them by choosing something that fits their style and personality. Consider what types of jewelry they wear most often and what type of metal they are most drawn to. You can even keep in mind where their life path is headed next. For example, if they are going to be a nurse, go for a pendant necklace instead of a ring, since they may not be able to wear one while working.

Another great way to represent them in your jewelry choice is to choose something featuring their favorite color or their birthstone!

Custom Pieces

If you really want to give them something special and one-of-a-kind, you can work directly with the jewelry experts at Joslin’s to create a custom piece for your graduate! Start from an idea or bring in an heirloom you want to be redesigned into something your grad will love!

Visit Joslin’s Jewelry today to find the perfect graduation gift to celebrate your loved one’s major accomplishment!