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Look Your Best with Earring Styles for Every Face

At Joslin’s, we treasure every client that walks through our doors and the variety of jewelry they seek. From engagement rings to pearl necklaces to bracelets and earrings, Joslin’s has a little something for everyone. One thing is for certain, everyone’s features are beautiful and unique! We love to help our customers find jewelry that best flatters their style and individual characteristics. One way we do this is by helping customers understand what pieces will best flatter their skin tone, eyes, neck length, and even face shape.

Sometimes the smallest details play the biggest role in highlighting your features. Most people can tell the difference in how certain pieces or shapes of clothing flatter their figure. You might even wear certain colors that better suit your complexion. But, for some reason when it comes to jewelry, many people struggle to understand which pieces will complement their personal features.

Savvy jewelry wearers already understand how different jewelry tones will better flatter their skin tone. Something not many people take into consideration, however, is how the shape of their jewelry can also alter their look. Joslin’s is here to help!

How to Determine Your Face Shape

In order to know what will look best on you, it’s important to first understand the shape of your face. As Julyne Derrick and Faith Xue put it: “Much like achieving the perfect messy bun or mastering liquid eyeliner, figuring out your face shape sounds a lot easier than it actually is.” But don’t worry – Joslin’s can assist!

Face shape is mostly decided by three areas of your face: the widest part of your face (often your forehead, cheeks, or jaw), the length of your face (short or long), and the shape of your jawline (pointy, square, or round). Let’s explore the different face shapes.

There are 7 main face shape types: Heart, Diamond, Pear, Oval, Round, Rectangle, or Square.

Heart-shaped faces have wider foreheads and pointed chins, while Diamond-shaped faces feature pointed chins, thinner foreheads, and high, wide cheekbones. Pear faces are slimmer at the top and feature wider jawlines; they are also sometimes referred to as triangle-shaped. Oval faces also feature high, wide cheekbones, but in this case, the forehead is only slightly wider than the chin; the oval face is also longer than it is wide.

Round-shaped faces are similar to ovals with the high, wide cheekbones; however, round faces are shorter in length with curved sides. Rectangle-shaped faces feature foreheads, cheekbones, and jawline that are all about the same width. Just like with the oval shape, rectangular faces are longer than they are wide. Square-shaped faces, like round faces, are about the same length as their width; these faces also show off sharp, angular cheekbones and a sharp jawline.

Now that you’ve examined your lovely features and discovered where your face shape fits in, it’s time to choose a pair of flattering earrings to complement!

What Earring Shape Best Flatters Your Face?

For Heart-shaped faces, the goal is to balance out the top of the face with your more narrow jawline. Wide styles of earrings will best accomplish this so consider large teardrop earrings or bigger hoops.

For Diamond faces, the eyes are the widest part of the face and at Joslin’s, we like to help show them off! Earrings shouldn’t offset the symmetry of the forehead and chin, so opt for earrings that stay close to the ear—think shimmering studs or smaller, thick hoops.

For Pear faces, choose top-heavy earrings that will balance out your features. Chandelier style earrings will look stunning on you like almost no other face shape can pull off. You could also consider trying several different drop earring designs as long as the top of the earring is wider than the bottom.

For Oval-shaped faces, earring choice is the least complicated. How does it feel to be the favorite? Almost every earring shape will look fantastic on you, but avoid lengthy drop earrings that could over-lengthen your face shape. Everything else shines brightly on you!

For Round-shaped faces, your main objective is to lengthen your face (not widen it). Steer away from rounded earrings and choose long dangling styles to show off your neck and cheekbones.

For Rectangle faces, your earring choice is almost unlimited, like the Oval. Triangle shapes and studs will best flatter your cheekbones; however, do avoid long drop shapes that will over-elongate your face.

For Square-shaped faces, choose earrings that will soften and show off your sharp angles. Angular earrings will just compete with your features. Round hoops, curved silhouettes, and anything flowing is your best friend.

Your New Favorite Pair of Earrings

Just like a haircut can frame your face – or throw off your look – jewelry is the final detail to make or break your outfit. With the right earrings for your face shape, you will now have that extra bit of put-togetherness that wears so well.

Ready to have your friends ask if you got a haircut or did something different with your makeup? Just drop by Joslin’s and we’ll help you find the next pair of earrings to make your face shine even brighter!

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