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Get to Know the Gems of Joslin’s!

Our next employee feature is Sales Associate, Jessica! Daughter of Gary Joslin’s brother, Donnie – who opened the original Joslin’s Jewelry in 1977 – Jessica decided to follow in her father’s footsteps and join her family in the jewelry business.

Read more about Jessica below.

  1. What’s your position/role at Joslin’s? I’m a Sales Associate.
  2. When and why did you join the Joslin’s team? I joined the Joslin’s team in January 2019. Uncle Gary and Aunt Sarah came over to drop off Christmas presents for the family. While catching up they asked if I would be interested in joining the Joslin’s Jewelry family after the holiday. I decided to accept their offer
  3. What’s your favorite part about your job? I have two favorite parts about working at Joslin’s, first being all of my coworkers. They’re all so helpful and kind. It’s a job where if you’re sick, you can actually call in and they’ll cover for you. My second favorite part is hearing the family history behind the jewelry pieces customers bring in. Whether we’re putting a family diamond or gemstone in a new setting or bringing an inherited jewelry piece back to life – hearing its journey gives the jewelry sentimental value.
  4. Favorite or most memorable piece of jewelry you’ve sold? My favorite piece of jewelry sold was bought for my coworker, Marsha. When I first started working at Joslin’s, I was looking at our inventory and, of course, trying pieces on. While I was admiring our yellow gold rings, Marsha showed me her favorite in the bunch. A couple weeks later, her husband ended up coming in to purchase a ring for her and, luckily, I knew exactly which ring was her favorite. I had to avoid her for TWO WEEKS until he finally gave it to her! If she would’ve asked me where her favorite ring went, my facial expression would’ve given it all away.
  5. Any tidbits about yourself outside of work – kids, hobbies, or fun facts? My favorite things are bacon, chocolate, the Chiefs, the Royals and, most of all, my kiddos! Oh, and animals – fur or scales I love them all.

Come visit Jessica at Joslin’s Jewelry – located at 9529 Antioch Overland Park, KS!