For many, diamond cut is the most important of the 4Cs. Easily mistaken for shape (round, oval, pear, cushion, etc.), the cut of a diamond actually refers to the proportions, polish and symmetry – otherwise known as that “wow” factor. Fueling a diamond’s sparkle, fire and brilliance, cut is the most complex to analyze of the 4Cs.

A diamond’s cut grade depends on how well a diamond’s facets interacts with light to create the desired visual effects including:

Brightness: Internal and external light reflected from a diamond

Fire: Dispersion of light into the colors of the spectrum

Scintillation: Flashes of light, or sparkle, when a diamond is moved

There are five diamond cut grades ranging from Excellent (EX) to Poor (P).

Excellent (EX): A diamond with an Excellent cut grade has maximum fire and brilliance. With an even pattern of good contrast between light and dark areas, the reflections of an Excellent diamond appear crisp and well-balanced.

Very Good (VG): Very Good cut grades properly reflect the majority of the light that enters the diamond, producing superior fire and brilliance. Under normal lighting conditions, Very Good diamonds appear very similar to Excellent Cut, but for a lesser price.

Good (G): Good diamond cut grades reflect a majority of the light that enters the diamond, for an above average appearance. A Good cut diamond isn’t quite as bright – reflections aren’t as sharp and there’s more darkness or dullness in the diamond. Joslin’s does not sell Good cut diamonds.

Fair (F): A diamond with a Fair cut grade allows much of the light entering the diamond to escape from the sides or bottom – reducing perceived brilliance and fire. Fair cut grades are more acceptable in diamonds of less than .75 carats, where differences in sparkle are more difficult to perceive. Joslin’s does not sell fair cut diamonds.

Poor (P): A Poor cut grade diamond allows light entering to escape from the sides or bottom. This cut grade has prominent dark areas and dullness – even to the untrained eye. Joslin’s does not sell poor cut diamonds.

For more information on diamond cut grades, take a look at the GIA video below:

When you shop for your diamond at Joslin’s Jewelry, it’s important to know you will only have the choice of purchasing an Excellent or Very Good cut. At Joslin’s, we pride ourselves on hand selecting the best diamonds in Kansas City and, most importantly, we want you to know you’re getting what you pay for!

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