Can you wear gold and silver in the same outfit?

Good news! Mixing jewelry metals is no longer the style slip up it once was!

If you’re looking for insight into complementary pieces, however, Joslin’s can help. With styles and colors of jewelry from different ages and different phases, it can be tricky to tell at times what pairs well. Here’s Joslin’s professional advice for timeless harmonious jewelry.


  1. Find A Solid Bridge Piece. Known as a “bridge piece,” this type of jewelry item is already composed of different metals! By wearing at least one combination piece, you can seamlessly tie in any other pieces of those metals! A watch is probably the easiest “bridge” solution but this trick works just the same with a combination ring, necklace, bracelet or what-have-you.
  2. Learn Your Layers. The next best trick to having a bridge piece is to create your own bridge piece. Stack multicolored bracelets or layer necklaces to craft the same look as a bridge piece in the event you don’t have one. Quick hint: this works with other materials besides metals – think stone cuffs or rings, or leather pieces for example. Layering one material or metal with another is a quick hack for not having a fitting bridge piece.
  3. Accentuate Appropriately. To put this trick simply, wedding bands don’t count. Any “permanent” jewelry you wear does not need to be considered when you are planning your outfit and accessories. The same applies to any other metals on your clothing – zippers, buttons, buckles, hinges – you name it. A jacket with silver buttons, for example, can be paired with gold jewelry. If it’s not a focal point, feel free to overlook it when planning your overall look and accessories.
  4. Match Style Not Shade. The biggest trick to wearing gold and silver jewelry together is to fit the overall style of your outfit. If your outfit is causal, keep the jewelry more casual. If you’re going a bit more glam, dress it up! In this way you can make sure that your jewelry fits a certain mood instead of a certain color.
  5. Symmetry is Your Best Friend. Nobody is saying wear the same amount of things or that you should start obsessively counting how much of what color you are putting together. The point of this tip is to ensure an even ratio when blending metals and materials together. If you have a silver necklace over a blouse with gold buttons, consider a note of gold in the shoes and a purse with a silver buckle.

Are you ready for our best tip of all?

Trends change through the years and often this affects our fashion sense – including our jewelry! With a changing collection of various styles and metals, how do you know what to wear?  Don’t forget that ultimately the choice is yours alone! All too often fashion opinions make a hard and fast rule about what is in and what is not – the truth? It’s up to you!

Are you considering adding to your jewelry collection? Whether you’re looking for something classy or something a bit more trendy, Joslin’s can help you find the perfect piece for you! Drop by or contact us online! We’d love to answer all your questions!