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Kassidi, Zoe, Kelly and Elicia

Did you see the exciting news? Our very own Elicia Joslin was on KMBC 9 News to share more about the custom braille necklace she recently handcrafted for Zoe!

KMBC 9 News anchor and reporter Kelly Eckerman, made the trip to Joslin’s to interview Zoe, her cousin Kassidi and Elicia about the special gift Zoe received for her 14th birthday. When asked her thoughts on her new braille necklace, Zoe exclaimed, “My necklace makes me feel happy and cared for!”

To Zoe, her braille necklace is her comfort blanket. She constantly catches herself touching it and reading her name. “I haven’t taken it off since I opened it,” said Zoe.

Zoe’s Finished Product!

Once the interviews were completed, Joslin’s had one more surprise for Zoe – the addition of her birthstone in the center of the raised heart on her necklace! At first, Zoe was hesitant to take off her necklace and hand it over to Joslin’s to make the addition. Elicia was able to pick up on Zoe’s uneasiness and did the unthinkable. Zoe’s birthstone was added to her necklace in just ten minutes and was back around her neck before she left the store! After seeing and feeling her new and improved personalized necklace, Zoe was excited to know she now has some “bling” around her neck.

Joslin’s is already getting calls to complete more custom braille necklaces, just like Zoe’s! Looking to create a custom piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one? Come visit Elicia and the rest of the Joslin’s team. We can’t wait to bring your jewelry vision to life!

Watch KMBC’s full interview with Zoe, Kassidi and Elicia below.

Part two the full story ❤️ Thank you all for making Zoe feel so special Kassidi Kaemmer, Joslin's Jewelry, Sarah Steinhauser, KMBC 9, Kelly Eckerman KMBC

Posted by Team Zoe on Friday, December 21, 2018