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Love is definitely in the air here at Joslin’s!

We’re thrilled to share another wonderful couple who started their marriage journey at Joslin’s! Get to know Jessica and Jacob, longtime friends and now husband and wife!

How did you and Jacob meet?
Jacob and I met in middle school! We went to middle and high school together and remained friends. Jacob is a year older then myself and he went off to college at OU while I finished my senior year at Shawnee Mission West. I graduated and went to KU and we always kept in touch. At KU I joined a sorority and asked Jake to come be my date, I felt it was best to ask a friend and have no stress of a random guy at KU coming with me! He drove the 5 hours to be my date and after that he told me being friends just wasn’t going to cut it for him. After about three months of reflection and prayer he asked me to be his girlfriend and here we are!

What did you bond over? 
We were in a class called Cadet Teaching in high school where we helped students with disabilities learn social skills and really got to love on those students! We bonded over our love for them, Jesus, sports, movies and Trans-Siberian Orchestra!

When did you know he was the one? (and vice versa)
Jessica: I didn’t have a specific moment in time where I knew, for me it was more like gradual moments of Jacob showing characteristics I valued in a future husband that impressed me more and more each day. He is thoughtful, selfless, loving, gentle and kind to all. After time I just knew he would make the most amazing Husband!

Jacob: Similar to Jessica, I don’t think I could name a specific date and time that I recognized this. However, I knew that she was the one for me when I recognized how well we communicated and supported each other. The most obvious factor was when I would go a day without seeing her and realizing that my days were much brighter with her.

Did you help pick out the ring or was it a surprise?
A complete surprise!! I am hard to surprise and he pulled it off with the ring and proposal! He had asked my cousin, Marissa, months before to go in and help and they both picked out the perfect ring together! It, of course, is so beyond special to me and having that story behind it so sweet to me as well.

How was the experience with Joslin’s Jewelry?
Jessica: As always, beyond fabulous! Everything from finding wedding bands, to cleanings to the report is amazing. We will never go anywhere else. We know we will be taken care of each time!

Jacob: It was a wonderful experience. I felt supported by the entire staff there while selecting the ring. It made the experience much more enjoyable because everyone was just as excited as I was when I had one picked out! I truly appreciated all of the input, knowledge, and support throughout the ring selection process!

What wedding venue did you choose?
The Hawthorne House

Your pick for a must-have dance song at the reception, and Jacob’s?
Jessica: L-O-V-E by Nat King Cole, it was our first dance song and I just love it!

Jacob: That’s Amore by Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra, way too much fun at the reception!!

Have you gone on your honeymoon? If so, where?
We did! We went to Breckenridge, CO! We went horseback riding, white water rafting under the Royal Gorge, enjoyed downtown Breck for food and shopping, Stayed in a treehouse in the mountains and explored all things the Breck Ski resort had to offer like the alpine coaster!

Anything else to add?
I don’t think so! We just love y’all tons and tons! Our families have bought their fine jewelry from Joslin’s for YEARS and have even passed some pieces down to us.

We’re so glad that Jacob and Jessica found Joslin’s – and we can’t wait to celebrate many anniversaries to come!