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Sarah, Gary, Elicia, Cameron, and Luna.

Joslin’s – Your Family Jeweler for Generations

It’s hard to believe, but Joslin’s has been in the jewelry business in Kansas City for 46 years now! Over the last four and half+ decades Joslin’s has had the honor of serving thousands of future brides and grooms as they’ve embarked upon the journey of a lifetime. Twenty years or so into the business, the Joslin’s staff found themselves helping the sons and daughters of Joslin’s first customers with their jewelry needs.

And these days, Joslin’s has seen more than a few of the grandchildren of those original customers visit Joslin’s. Joslin’s has become their family jeweler – helping them find just the right jewelry to celebrate their own special life moments.

Nothing could make the staff at Joslin’s happier than having several generations of customers – they truly have come to love so many returning families of customers. That’s why it’s no secret – Joslin’s truly wants to become your very own Jeweler for Life.

Along with helping a whole lot of nice people with the purchase of a whole lot of nice jewelry over the last 46 years, Joslin’s has also had the honor of doing custom work and jewelry repair work for many patrons. From restyling a family heirloom ring into a new setting for a new generation to resizing engagement rings, resetting stones, repairing clasps, to – well you get the idea! Joslin’s has done thousands of repairs. In fact, within a few short weeks, Joslin’s will be opening its 200,000th repair ticket!

In honor of all those customer repair tickets, that lucky 200,000th ‘golden ticket’ will receive a special surprise jewelry reward – worth up to $5,000! So, if you have a ring that needs sizing, a pendant that needs a new clasp, or any other service that requires the staff to open a repair ticket, visit Joslin’s today! You may be the lucky recipient of a new treasured piece of jewelry, courtesy of Joslin’s!

Stop into Joslin’s today or any day and say “hello!” – they love return customers! And, if you need to open a repair ticket, no matter how big or small, you’ll have a chance at the amazing 46th Anniversary jewelry giveaway! It’s a small way for the Joslin’s Jewelry family to offer customers their heartfelt “thank you” for over four and a half decades of kind patronage.

Joslin’s, Your Jeweler for Life