Joslin’s wanted to make Valentine’s 2021 special and we decided to celebrate something everyone cares about – pets in need. Joslin’s partnered with Great Plains SPCA for this love-filled holiday to help the furry friends near to all of our hearts.

Joslin’s was excited to donate 10% of purchases to the cuddly little pals who steal our hearts, and the community really stepped up!

We couldn’t be more thrilled with your efforts and our donation to support such a worthy and need-filled cause! Thank you for being a part of the Joslin’s family, and thank you for your participation in sharing with the pets in need of our neighborhoods. Joslin’s is so grateful to every one of you who helped support your local community by shopping at Joslin’s and many other local businesses.

Don’t forget to check out volunteer options for the local pet shelters in your area or donate to the Great Plains SPCA no-kill animal shelter today!

To support your community further, drop by Joslin’s Jewelry today for something special for that special someone! If you really want to win someone over, try our favorite heart-shaped locket and newly adopted puppy combo package – your loved one won’t be able to resist!