Great Customers, Many Services

What matters to you matters greatly to us. We manage more than gemstones and precious metals; at Joslin’s, our true passion is our customers! We go above and beyond selling jewelry; we also provide multiple services, including jewelry repair, professional appraisals, customized pieces, and even expert care and cleaning. From our Joslin’s Jewelry family to yours — your stories mean the world to us.

Your family heirlooms, your cherished memories, your sweet proposals – all your generations of precious stories are why we do what we do! Beyond our stunning collection of engagement rings and other fine jewelry, we most treasure all the stories behind the jewelry – and, with every interaction, continuing to earn your trust.

As Gary Joslin likes to put it: “This business is about trust. You can’t find it everywhere in town, but our hallmark at Joslin’s is your trust.” 

Jewelry Repair

Repairs are a key division of the Joslin’s Jewelry business. In 10 years, we have serviced over 184,000 customers coming into Joslin’s for repairs. Repairing customer treasures are one way we earn your trust and keep your business for years to come—just ask our customers! One customer, Nicole, had a cherished ring from her father that was missing a stone; find the full story here!

At Joslin’s, we believe your jewelry isn’t just jewelry – it’s your personal treasure. We have four certified full-time jewelers in-store with over 30 years of experience. The best part? Your jewelry repairs will never be sent elsewhere!


Joslin’s own Elicia has a metalsmithing degree and works to create incredible custom jewelry!

Appraisals are a great way to find out how much a treasured piece of jewelry may be worth, and they are always free on items purchased at Joslin’s Jewelry. Other appraisal pricing: $75 for the first appraisal, $25 for each additional appraisal. If you are having a piece of jewelry repaired and would like to get it appraised, the $75 fee is waived and the cost is only $25.

Custom Jewelry

Perhaps you inherited a few pieces of jewelry that are not quite your taste. Bring in your family heirlooms and our experts will help you create something you will love wearing for years to come. Joslin’s is the jeweler you can trust with your important family pieces.

Maybe you have a one-of-a-kind idea for a piece you’d love to have designed. Specializing in custom jewelry, Elicia Joslin holds a Metalsmithing degree and will work with you one-on-one to design the perfect piece of unique jewelry. From engagement and fashion rings to necklaces, earrings and bracelets – Elicia is ready to bring your jewelry dreams to life!

Ring Sizing

Ring fit a little too loose or too tight? Bring it to us, we can help! The cost of ring sizing is determined on a case-by-case basis. When we size up, we are adding gold or silver, which costs a fraction more. The width of the ring and the type of metal are taken into consideration when pricing. Bring in your ring today and we guarantee you’ll leave with a ring that is better than it was when you came in – resized at a reasonable price!

Re-set Diamonds

Diamonds are precious and definitely not something you want to lose! We offer a free service to clean your diamonds and examine the prongs surrounding them. We prefer and recommend the 6-prong heads and the safety they provide your diamond. The size of the head is determined by the size of the diamond we are re-setting. Knowing these details will help us provide you a precise estimate for the final cost.

Pearl Restringing

While you want to wear your pearls often to keep them hydrated, all that body oil doesn’t do the silk thread any favors. Bring them in to Joslin’s annually and we can check the integrity of your pearl bracelets and necklaces. The average cost for pearl restringing is $2-3 per inch. We’ll also make sure they come back brighter, shinier, and more beautiful than ever! Did you know – pearls have an extra special meaning? Learn more here!

Come see us at Joslin’s Jewelry today so we can assist with a needed service or repair, or if you are looking for that special piece of jewelry for yourself or a loved one. We look forward to seeing you soon!