Joslin’s is family-owned, with jewelry knowledge passed from generation to generation – so we know a thing or two about making treasured jewelry last!

Our experience, professional knowledge, and quality jewelry are certainly above par, but what truly sets us apart is our commitment to excellent care – both of our customers and of our cherished pieces!

Looking for tips on how to care for your jewelry so that it will last? Proper care matters – just take it from Joslin’s!

How to Prevent Damage to Your Jewelry

The best treatment for your jewelry is – of course – prevention! The key to long-lasting jewelry is to minimize its exposure as metals and gems can be sensitive to heat and light. Don’t forget to remove your jewelry when cleaning or while doing chores around the house; too many tales of rings dropped down the drain is enough to warn us to put the jewels aside.

Apart from putting jewelry aside, make sure to put it on last! Perfumes, makeup and hair spray can all damage your jewelry. Wear the scents you usually would, just make sure the perfume dries before putting on your necklace, etc.

One last note: water. Your jewelry may be water resistant but no piece is truly waterproof; water is quick to deposit minerals if not filtered and can quickly tarnish your metals or gemstones. The chlorine from swimming pools is a threat to your gems for sure, but even regular water – for example in your shower – can wear down your pieces faster than you’d expect.

How to Protect Your Jewelry

Start by gently wiping down your jewelry with a soft cloth when you remove it – this will help remove any dirt, oil, or build up from its use. Then store your jewelry safely away from heat and light.

Use tissue paper between items to prevent scratching and to lower moisture levels; one lovely trick is to use Joslin’s trinket boxes! These handy jewelry storage options are the perfect hideaway for your jewelry so that it can stay safe while still on display.

How to Properly Clean Your Jewelry

Don’t get carried away with intriguing home remedies! Different metals and stones require different care methods and we’d hate for anything to happen to your jewelry – Joslin’s also recognizes the importance of understanding how to care for your jewelry on a day to day basis.

Start by getting an appraisal so you know what kind of metals and gems you have so that you can know how to best clean them. For specific information on cleaning certain gems, check out this care guide from the International Gem Society! In general, a soft cloth and some warm soapy water is a gentle approach to daily care.

How to Perfectly Restore Your Jewelry

No matter how cautious you are with your jewelry, Murphy’s Law likes to come along and throw a wrench in your plans – or a dent in your ring. With use, jewelry is inevitably bound to acquire a scratch here and a scuff there.

Inspect your jewelry frequently for scratches, dents, or loose stones; unfortunately, this is all part of loving your jewelry well and wearing it often! With appropriate care, you shouldn’t need frequent visits to your local jeweler, but every now and then it’s a good idea to bring your ring or other jewelry piece(s) in for a professional tune up.

For professional cleaning or any type of repair, drop by Joslin’s or set up an appointment today! We can’t wait to help restore your treasured pieces to their shimmery state of perfection!

Someday we expect to hand our store down to a future generation – we also hope that you’ll be able to pass on your treasured jewelry someday so follow Joslin’s practical tips for daily jewelry care!