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Jewelry Repairs

At Joslin’s we believe your jewelry isn’t just jewelry –

it’s your personal treasure. We have four certified full-time jewelers in-store with over 30 years of experience. The best part? Your jewelry repairs will never be sent elsewhere!


Appraisals are always free on Joslin’s Jewelry items.

Other appraisal pricing:

  • $75 on the first appraisal
  • $25 on each additional appraisal

If you are having repairs to a piece of jewelry, the $75 fee is waived, and the cost is only $25.

Custom Jewelry

Have you inherited beautiful jewelry that is not your taste?

Come in with your family treasures and our experts will help you create something you will love wearing for years to come. Joslin’s is the jeweler you can trust with your family treasures.

Ring Sizing

The cost of ring sizing is determined on a case by case basis.

When we size up, we are adding gold which costs a fraction more. The width of the ring and whether it is white gold or yellow gold is also taken into consideration with pricing. Bring in your ring today and, we guarantee, you’ll leave with a ring that is better than it was when you came in – resized at a reasonable price.

Re-Set Diamonds

We offer a free service to clean your diamonds and examine the prongs surrounding them.

We prefer the 6-prong heads and the safety they provide your diamond. The size of the head is determined by the size of the diamond we are re-setting. These details will help us provide you a precise estimate for the final cost.

Pearl Restringing

On average the cost for pearl restringing is $2.00-$3.00 per inch.

Bring your pearls to Joslin’s and we’ll make sure they come back brighter, shinier and more beautiful than ever!

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The Joys of Joslin’s – Repairs

Repairs are a key division of the Joslin’s Jewelry business. It’s where we earn your trust and keep your business for years to come. We have serviced over 184,000 customers come into Joslin’s for repairs in 10 years.

Customer Spotlight – Repair

Customer brings in cherished gift from her father that was missing a stone, Joslin’s was ready to help. See video below.

Slide Right For Repair Magic!

Joslin’s Jewelry has become a bit of an icon at 95th and Antioch – having now been part of that neighborhood for more than 40 years!

The original store at the intersection was replaced by a newer and larger Joslin’s Jewelry store. These days when you arrive at Joslin’s you may be greeted with a big smile by Gary Joslin – or by his daughter Elicia, or another friendly staff member – all who are just as dedicated as Gary to making your visit to Joslin’s a truly wonderful experience.