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Let’s get ready to rumble!!

Not something you’d expect to hear around a fine jewelry store, is it? But certified jeweler and locally-adored Gary Joslin is much more than the well-loved jewelry store man that meets the eye.

Gary “Jaws” Joslin is both a top-notch gemologist and a passionate gearhead! Gary discovered his love for racing when he inherited his very first car – a 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle. For five years, you could’ve gone to the I-70 Speedway and watched Gary race in the Truck and Enduro 4-Cylinder Class. Did you know? Gary even passed Carl Edwards the first time he raced with him!

Read all about this racing fiend and his history with the track here: Fast Cars and Fine Jewelry!

After a frightening crash in 2005, Gary walked away from a terrible wreck uninjured, but decided to leave his spot behind the wheel for the sake of his family and little girl, Elicia. The car aficionado didn’t completely leave the track behind, however; Gary “Jaws” Joslin spends race weekends helping out the fire crew at Kansas Speedway.

Hear about one of Gary’s race cars from “Jaws” himself in the video below.



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