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Meet Suzanne! Her family’s passion for Joslin’s spans multiple generations!

Suzanne’s grandmother, Ena, first took Suzanne into Joslin’s back when Suzanne was in high school. Her grandmother had discovered the store in the late 1970s (shortly after Joslin’s first opened in 1977) and immediately fell in love – not just with the store, but also with the Joslin family. Suzanne always looked forward to her visits to Joslin’s with her grandmother because everyone was so warm and welcoming, so much so that she felt like they were part of the family, too.

Suzanne’s family continued to stop by the store and shop throughout the years. Early connections to Joslin’s actually ran even deeper, as Suzanne’s mother, Lynn, lived next door to Gary Joslin’s parents – who often made a point of asking Suzanne’s mom if she would be interested in working at the store. Suzanne’s mother had been working at another neighbor’s dress shop at that time, and while she enjoyed working at the dress shop, she decided a change would be good, so she took the Joslin family up on their offer and started working part-time at the jewelry store.

It was a good match, in fact, Suzanne’s mother continued to work at Joslin’s for the next 20 years. During that time she handled a variety of jobs, including bookkeeping, which she took over after the original bookkeeper, Gary Joslin’s mother, retired. During Lynn’s last year of working at Joslin’s, Suzanne started working there as well.

Suzanne from Joslin's jewelry and her family at her son's wedding.

Suzanne and family at her son Cody’s recent wedding.

During their year or so of working together, Suzanne’s mother taught Suzanne about the jewelry business and began passing along tasks she formerly handled to her daughter.

Suzanne liked to keep busy, so during slower times of the day, she would find something to learn more about. Over time, Suzanne was able to reorganize store operations so the staff would have a system that kept everything in order.

Suzanne’s passion for Joslin’s was also passed along to her own four children. Her oldest child, Cassidy, joined grandmother Lynn at Joslin’s on Bring Your (Grand)Kid to Work Day. Cassidy spent the day helping her grandmother, greeting customers and writing up orders – and it was a day she absolutely loved! From that day forward Cassidy would tag along with her grandmother to help at Joslin’s every chance she got.

Suzanne’s next oldest child, son Cody, worked at Joslin’s during the holidays when he was home from college. Suzanne’s second daughter, McKenzie, never actually work at Joslin’s but she came to the store often, spending time hanging around the staff – often sharing laughs in the back with the jewelers as they worked on jewelry sizing and repairs. And, like eldest son Cody, Suzanne’s youngest son, Cooper, worked at Joslin’s over holiday breaks while he was in high school.

Suzanne’s Favorite Piece from Joslin’s

Suzanne says her most cherished pieces of jewelry are from Joslin’s. One of her most asked-about pieces is her diamond pendant necklace. It originally featured a single diamond that once sat in her grandmother’s engagement ring (along with five other diamonds). Each granddaughter received one of the diamonds from their grandmother’s ring. Suzanne’s diamond was placed in a pendant on a necklace, a necklace that Suzanne wore each and every day.

For an anniversary gift, Suzanne’s husband decided he wanted to upgrade the size of the diamond in Suzanne’s engagement ring. Her husband thought the original diamond from the ring would make a beautiful pendant, but of course, Suzanne already had a pendant necklace

Joslin’s manager, Dave Carpenter, knew just what to do. They would redesign Suzanne’s special pendant necklace to hold both her grandmother’s diamond and the diamond from her husband. The result – a deeply personal necklace that Suzanne cherishes more than ever, saying, “I never leave home without it!”

Working at Joslin’s

Suzanne says she loves working at Joslin’s because she gets to work with happy people – both staff and customers – every day! The customers are always friendly and, since Joslin’s staff is not paid based on commission, there is no frustrating competition between them. Instead, all work together as a team to help each customer find exactly what they’re looking for – and leave the store happy!

“One of the best parts about working at Joslin’s is that I never take home anything negative, only things that are positive!”

According to Suzanne, some of her favorite customers are men who come to Joslin’s to buy an engagement ring. Just the thought of purchasing an engagement ring can be stressful and overwhelming, and Suzanne says that many men who come in are so nervous they really don’t know where to start. That’s where Suzanne comes in. She calms them down and starts by showing them their options. Narrowing down choices by talking to them about styles and designs and learning more about the person who will receive the ring. Suzanne says she truly loves helping them find just the perfect diamond at Joslin’s – and watching them leave confident and happy knowing they have just the right engagement ring!

And why wouldn’t she? Love of Joslin’s and the jewelry business runs in the family!

The next time you visit Joslin’s be sure to say “hi!” to Suzanne, she’d love to help you with your jewelry needs!