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Agatha and Grant

Meet Agatha and Grant!

From their first date, Agatha and Grant knew they had a special connection! They met through a dating app while living in Chicago and within almost no time at all began dating seriously. Both said they felt from the start that their connection was so strong that they were truly meant to be!

Nala, Agatha and Grant’s adorable Bernedoodle!

Agatha said she saw many signs while they were dating that made her feel that “Grant was the one.”

One example she noted was being surprised one day when Grant told her he had just received a call about a waiting list he had been on for years – hoping for his dream dog. They said they had found a puppy for him, an adorable Bernedoodle. Agatha was thrilled – her personal dream dog was also a Bernedoodle!

Since bringing “Nala” home, the couple reports much spoiling of their super cute new puppy, and that they have had a great time taking her on their travels around the country – which they also both enjoy.

In fact, one of the couple’s favorite things to do together is travel and take road trips to beautiful hiking destinations. And, since getting married, Agatha and Grant have moved from Chicago to Arkansas where hiking country is a little closer than in the city – but more on that later!

Finding The Perfect Ring

Grant, whose family resides in Kansas City, already knew exactly where he was going to shop for Agatha’s engagement ring – Joslin’s Jewelry! Grant’s family have been long-time patrons of the store for years; so, when engagement was on Grant’s mind, it was only natural that he involve Joslin’s in his own momentous occasion!

During a visit to Kansas City to see Grant’s parents, the couple stopped in at Joslin’s – and began their search for the perfect ring.

Agatha said the Joslin’s staff was wonderful in helping her find a setting to match her personal taste. In the meantime Grant looked at various diamonds and types of diamond cuts – choosing one to sit perfectly in the ring’s center.

The couple said from start to finish, the Joslin’s team was incredibly helpful in walking Grant and Agatha through the design process, teaching them all about different diamonds, cuts, and styles. Any questions or concerns were thoroughly answered, which took any stress or worry out of their minds!

Agatha’s new pendant with her birthstone, Alexandrite, in the center!

Once all of the ring design details were confirmed, the couple headed back to Chicago and the jewelers at Joslin’s set to work crafting Agatha’s ring.

Grant and Agatha planned a small wedding ceremony for one month after their initial trip to Joslin’s. The couple were a little worried they might have to use a stand-in ring for the ceremony while they waited for their custom ring from Joslin’s to be completed.

But there was no reason to worry, Joslin’s also wanted to make sure Agatha had her beautiful new ring in time – and Joslin’s made it happen! Agatha’s ring arrived at the couple’s door two days before the wedding.

Although the couple kept their initial wedding ceremony small, in 2025 they’re planning to throw a huge celebration in Brazil – the original country where Agatha is from and where much of her family still lives.

Since the wedding, Agatha and Grant have been back to Joslin’s, stopping by to have the jewelers resize Agatha’s ring – and do some additional shopping. While looking through necklaces Agatha “fell in love” with a beautiful eye-shaped pendant. To make it extra special for Agatha, the jewelers personalized the necklace for her by placing her birthstone, Alexandrite, in the center – an extra-special touch she said she “was over the moon” about!

Read a few words from Agatha below:

“When we go to Joslin’s, they always treat us like VIPs! On our last visit, we stopped at Joslin’s before an event we were attending that evening, and Dave resized my ring that same day so that I would be able to wear it that night! They also cleaned it – making it shine beautifully!
When Grant and I picked out my necklace, they really wanted to make it special for me and showed me how they could add my birthstone to the center, and I just loved it!
At Joslin’s, they never make you feel like they are just trying to sell you something. They help you find a piece that will be really special. On top of that, the quality of their work is just outstanding – and their jewelers always surprise us by finishing our pieces in such a short time!”

Since getting married, Agatha and Grant have embarked on another new life adventure, leaving Chicago behind and moving to Arkansas. They said, “We love living closer to nature and getting to explore the many new trails around them with Nala!”

Finding the perfect piece of jewelry to commemorate life’s most special moments is what Joslin’s does best! Count on Joslin’s for beautiful jewelry and exceptional service!