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Meet Dianna and Sean!

Sharing the moment a couple finds the perfect engagement ring never gets old at Joslin’s! Read more about this newly engaged lovely couple from Austin and how their search for the perfect ring ended at Joslin’s!

Dianna and Sean with their cat, Luna.

Dianna met Sean after her friends encouraged her to put herself out there and try to meet someone new through a dating app. Her very first date on the app just happened to be with Sean! The two met up, played pool, and continued to talk and hang out after that. Within a week both Dianna and Sean knew there was something special between them.

Sean and Dianna loved being with each other because they had so much in common. For one, they love to play games together, including video games like Call of Duty and Mario Kart, and they also love board games, like Catan. Sean and Dianna also love spoiling their cat, Luna. Dianna had always wanted a pet, and since they lived in an apartment she wanted to get a cat. Sean was a little hesitant at first, but according to both, he now spoils Luna even more than Dianna does!

The two dated for the next 4 1/2  years – and then Sean popped the question on Thanksgiving day of 2022! Sean had the whole proposal planned out; in fact, he had planned to propose sooner but waited until he knew both his and Dianna’s family could be there for the special moment.

Cut to Thanksgiving day. Dianna’s family, who lives in Texas, and Sean’s family, who are from Kansas City, were gathered at the couple’s new home in Austin for the holiday. While Sean feigned showing the family around the house, Sean’s mother, who was in on the proposal, asked Dianna to help her grab a Christmas present from the garage. While they looked around for the Christmas present in question, Sean got the rest of the family outside and in position. When Dianna and her future mother-in-law couldn’t find the missing present, Sean’s mom suggested they go see if someone had moved it to the truck. Dianna was completely surprised when she came outside and saw Sean and the rest of the family waiting for her!

Sean proposed that day with a temporary ring, which Dianna hadn’t known was something couples do. Sean wanted to keep the proposal a surprise but he also wanted Dianna to be able to choose her engagement ring. The temporary ring would also be one she could wear whenever she wanted to keep her actual engagement ring safe, for example when traveling.

Dianna loved the idea of getting to pick her perfect ring and was excited to start shopping – and Sean had that part covered too. Back in his hometown of KC, Sean knew a jeweler his family had trusted with their jewelry needs for years – Joslin’s! Sean’s father had purchased Sean’s mother’s engagement ring from Joslin’s, and Sean’s brother had proposed to his wife with a ring from Joslin’s as well. So it was a no-brainer for Sean and Dianna to shop for a ring at Joslin’s!

Just a few weeks after the proposal, Sean and Dianna headed to Kansas City to celebrate an early Christmas with Sean’s family. While visiting, they made sure to go to Joslin’s to start their search for the perfect engagement ring. Dianna had been doing some window shopping online before Sean proposed, exploring different engagement ring styles, so she had a pretty good idea of what kind of ring she wanted – a ring with a unique band that looked like smaller bands twisting together, meeting at the diamond.

Dianna let the staff know her wants, showed them some photos, and they quickly found a number of different rings for her to choose from. Dianna and Sean slowly narrowed down the potential winners to one, but Sean suggested Dianna sleep on it and see if she was still in love with the ring in the morning. They went home, and Dianna did a little more online shopping, this time on Joslin’s website. Online, she found a beautiful ring that had everything she wanted. When they returned to Joslin’s, Dianna showed them the ring she found online and asked if they had it at the store. Joslin’s did have the style of ring she wanted, but it was in yellow gold and Dianna had her heart set on white gold.

No problem!” was the response from Joslin’s staff – as they quickly placed an order for the ring that Dianna loved in white gold. Dianna and Sean were due to return to Austin in just two days and she was worried they would have to wait until their next trip to KC to see the ring in person, but the staff at Joslin’s were determined to get the ring in for her before they left for Austin. Joslin’s expedited the order and the couple was thrilled when they got the call that the ring had already arrived!

Once Dianna saw the ring in person, she knew it was the one. Joslin’s staff helped size the ring and fit the diamond in record time so Dianna could wear it home to Austin the very next day. They even mailed her a jewelry cleaner so she could keep her ring looking beautiful until her next visit to Joslin’s.

According to Dianna, “The staff at Joslin’s is wonderful. Super helpful, super patient! They did everything they could to make sure I was able to go home with the ring that I loved. Even when they placed the order for the ring, they told us I didn’t have to commit to it if it turned out not to be the one. But it was perfect! And they resized it and set the diamond so quickly. I was so happy to get to go home with it that day!”

With a beautiful new engagement ring, Sean and Dianna are full steam ahead with wedding planning. And even with their recent engagement, Dianna already has a lot of the planning already done!

Dianna continued, “I’m really excited for our wedding day because it’s going to be a chance for our families to gather together, which doesn’t get to happen very often. All of us together in one place is going to be awesome. And, I can’t wait to marry my best friend. Our relationship is wonderful – we have so many things in common and we get to laugh and have fun every day. There’s not a day that goes by that Sean doesn’t make me laugh.”

Congratulations, Dianna and Sean! Thank you for sharing your story with us and letting Joslin’s be a part of it – check out the sparkle on Dianna’s ring below!