The birthstone for the month of March is “aquamarine,” and its name comes from the latin word for sea water aquamarina.

This seawater-colored crystal is said to calm waves and keep sailors safe. Aquamarine is a type of beryl – the same mineral that forms emeralds. With its high clarity and lustrous transparency, it’s no wonder aquamarine is called a stone of the sea.

Aquamarine ranges in blue tones, especially blue-green hues indicative of its healing sea properties. Like crystalline waters, it is said to be a stone of purity. This valuable crystal carries both the exhilaration and the relaxation qualities of the sea, said to help its wearer to overcome a fear of speaking; aquamarine is claimed to give clarity of speech and to keep its wearer calm in the face of anger or conflict. As a stone of natural justice, aquamarine is a crystal of compromise and negotiation, granting clarity in confrontational situations.

As a water element, aquamarine cleanses the emotions, opens communication, and washes away your stress.  Aquamarine is said to be “the treasure of mermaids and the talisman of sailors,” and the greenish blue hues of its crystals also relieve fear of the sea. The pale blue shades, on the other hand, are said to encourage harmony between lovers and are also indicative of fidelity, promising true love “for as long as the waters of the earth shall flow.” Maybe this is why aquamarine is said to enhance marriage happiness; it is, after all, the stone for your 19th anniversary!

This clean and well-formed stone is valuable to collectors because aquamarine can be found in large crystals, perfect for sizably fashioned gems and carvings. Light in tone, these beautiful crystals score a 7.5 – 8.0 on Mohs hardness scale, making them fairly durable! Just like any jewelry, however, they will still need the occasional repair or professional polishing to be sure to contact Joslin’s for expert care and kind service.

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