Shimmering auras lie just beneath the surface of this special stone; like moonlight across a body of water, light dances in and out – captivating any on-lookers.

Moonstones are delicate and beautiful gems, prized for their delicate appearance and magical nature. The stone is a special feldspar formation; moonstones are made of two feldspar minerals: orthoclase and albite. As the mineral cools during formation, the interwoven minerals separate into layers. As light passes between these layers, it spreads into a myriad of directions!

This scattered light is called adularescence. As you rotate the stone or change your viewing angle, the light will appear to float across the face of the gem. This is the natural phenomenon which creates the apparently mystical glow.

These glowing gems can be found all across the world in a variety of hues. From blues to lavenders to rainbow shimmers, moonstones are mystical wherever they can be found. Experts say that a moonstone will have a higher value if it is almost transparent or colorless with a blue adularescence.

Traditionally sourced from Myanmar, moonstones can also be found all across the globe from Australia to Mexico in places like Madagascar, Norway, Finland, India, Sri Lanka, and even the United States.

Historically, the moonstone has been a very spiritual gem. In the Hindu religion, it is believed that moonstones are actually solid moonbeams. Other civilizations and cultures claim the stone brings good luck, fertility, love, and protection. Of course, in almost all these legends, the stone’s powers are sourced from – you guessed it, the Moon.

The stone has been increasingly popular in places like Germany and Norway but has gained favor in the United States ever since the 1960s. Fashion designers in the 1990s also used the shimmery moon gem as a source of inspiration.

A popular choice for rings or pendants, the moonstone is somewhat fragile. Don’t forget Joslin’s tips for special care and cleaning! For any deep cleaning or jewelry repairs, stop on by – we’ll take extra caution with your fragile, magical moonstone pieces.

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