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Looking for a classy, regal, and breathtaking birthday gift? Show that loved one just how much you care with September’s timeless birthstone – the sapphire!

September is here and with it the skies of fall – deep blues, misty grey, and even turquoise; September skies are beautiful in all their places on the blue spectrum. These breath-taking skies are reminiscent of the September birthstone – the sapphire!

Noble and majestic, the blue sapphire sparkles with deep royal shades. From indigo to steel grey-blue, this timeless and intriguing gem has even been found in greenish-blue peacock hues!

Did you know sapphires aren’t only blue? From Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar to Australia, Pakistan and Nigeria – even Montana, sapphires comes in all shapes, from all places, and in all colors! The gemstones are formed from the mineral corundum, and in addition to classy sapphires, you’re probably familiar with another famous corundum-based gem – the ruby!

Throughout time, the majestic sapphire has been recognized for its nobility and its magical powers; these timeless gems have been found on the robes of early clergy as a symbol of heaven; ancient Greeks and Romans believed sapphires would protect them from harm and even envy. It’s also said that ancient Persians believed the world itself rested on a giant sapphire – their explanation for the sky being blue! The mystical and spiritual value of sapphires was also sought after by medieval Europeans who used sapphires for healing from various plagues and diseases.

From history to today, sapphires are viewed as quite valuable – apart from any folklore or mysticism! The symbolism of a sapphire is draw itself; sapphires are gemstones of truth and sincerity but they also speak to loyalty, resilience, and faithfulness. What a perfect stone to celebrate a 45th anniversary!

Have a jeweled piece you need touched up? Joslin’s takes special delight in caring for clients and their favorite pieces. Use warm water and a drop of soft dish soap to carefully clean your sapphire; for more professional care or any repairs, please contact Joslin’s today! Our team of gemstone experts wants nothing more than to restore your beautiful sapphire pieces to their royal status.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect September birthday gift or celebrating an anniversary– even if you’re looking for yourself! – check out Joslin’s wide selection of incredible sapphire pieces – from bangles to pendants, rings and earrings. Joslin’s loves to find the right fit for each customer!

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