$75 on the first appraisal, $25 on each additional appraisal. Always free appraisals on Joslin’s Jewelry items. If you are having repairs to a piece of jewelry, the $75 fee is waived and the cost is only $25.

Jewelry Repair

We have three full time jewelers. All repairs are done in the store. We don’t send any jewelry out.

Custom Jewelry

We have many customers who have inherited beautiful jewelry, but maybe not their “cup of tea”. Come in with your items and ideas and we will help you create something you will love to wear with fond memories.

Ring Sizing

The cost depends on if we are sizing up or sizing down. When we size up, we are adding gold which costs a fraction more. Also, we have to consider the width of the ring and whether it is white gold or yellow gold.

Re-Set Diamonds

We offer a free service to check and clean your diamonds and examine the prongs surrounding your diamonds. We are very fond of the 6-prong heads and the safety it provides your diamond. The size of the head depends on size of the diamond we are re-setting and of course that affects the cost.

Pearl Restringing

This is the only service we offer that is not done within our store. We have a very reliable lady we have used for 25 years that does a beautiful job for our customers. On the average the cost is $3.00 per inch with knots between pearls and $2.00 per inch without knots. For example, a 16”strand of pearls would cost $48 with knots and $32 without knots.

Rhodium Plating

We can rhodium plate white gold rings which will need maintenance to keep them bright, white and shiny. We can also plate yellow gold rings to make them appear as white gold. Remember, we can make yellow gold look white, but cannot make white gold look yellow!

Rhodium plating $10 white gold – ours
$20 yellow gold – ours
$20 white gold – not ours
$30 yellow gold – not ours