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Are you looking to celebrate an anniversary in a special way? Resetting your original diamond ring can help to celebrate a major milestone in your relationship and life. Joslin’s Jewelry is here to help you enhance your ring!

There are various ways to give your diamond ring a new look when you are ready to reset it. From changing the diamond, to upgrading the setting, to trading in the ring for a completely new one – the possibilities are endless. As your partnership progresses and you achieve more in life, a larger stone can help symbolize your accomplishments as well as the growth of your love.

Aside from that, many diamond shapes go in and out of style with the ever-changing trends. In this case, many people choose to do a cut upgrade. For example, if the original diamond is an oval, you might want to change it to round.

When making changes to the diamonds on your ring, don’t forget to ask about any possible alterations to the band and its setting that might need to be made in order to accommodate a bigger diamond. The cost of these upgrades should also be considered because the price may vary depending on the ring’s design and the carat of the new stone.

At Joslin’s, every cent paid toward your original diamond goes towards the next diamond! However, this is only on original Joslin’s bought rings/diamonds. Joslin’s recommends upgrading a quarter of a carat every 15 years. If you are celebrating a milestone anniversary, get your diamond sized up at Joslin’s!

Stop by Joslin’s Jewelry located at 9529 Antioch Rd in Overland Park, Kansas to give your diamond ring a new look!