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Joslin’s Promotes Sustainability in Your Jewelry Collection

Happy Earth Month! April brings a special awareness to practices that many brands and individuals are already focused on – earth-minded sustainability.

The Joys of Joslin’s

Rest assured that Joslin’s takes great care in selecting and selling our diamonds and jewels; learn more about choosing both customer transparency and top quality in our interview series: “The Joys of Joslin’s.”  As owner and certified gemologist Gary Joslin likes to say, “If I wouldn’t put it on my own wife, I don’t have it here to sell to you!”

Reduce – Choosing Quality over Quantity

At Joslin’s Jewelry, we firmly believe in “quality over quantity.” Not only does this apply to the excellency of our jewelry standards and practices; it also applies to what kind of jewelry you as the consumer decide to purchase.

Fast fashion leads many individuals to purchase cheaper plated pieces that look good for a few weeks and then begin to turn their skin green. These poor-quality metal or plastic pieces inevitably break and are disposed of – you guessed it – into landfills. Unfortunately, these low-quality fashion statements speak more to a consumer’s character than to the trendy image they seek. Reduce the amount of cheap, breakable, disposable pieces you wear to do your part for Mother Earth.

Instead of purchasing short-termed rings or bracelets again and again, choose something of higher quality that will last a lifetime – or longer! Joslin’s specializes in beautiful, timeless pieces that will fit your style and your budget.

Reuse – Restore Secondhand Pieces!

Buying secondhand jewelry is a great way to make jewelry choices you can feel good about.  Whether it’s an elegant estate sale or a nifty thrift shop, there are great vintage pieces out there waiting to be found.

One word of caution before getting caught up in a buying frenzy, however: consult an expert gemologist or trained jeweler like our professionals at Joslin’s. Some vintage pieces are true gold finds, while others could be quite deceptive. Our skilled specialists at Joslin’s would be more than delighted to help you find hidden treasures – and then help you restore them. We would be thrilled to help you find and update valuables than can be rescued and reused.

Recycle- Repurpose Family Heirlooms!

Perhaps our favorite way of making sustainable choices in the jewelry department is to repurpose family heirlooms. Heirloom stones are a true treasure because we get to hear our customer’s family stories and learn more about the cherished jewels we are working on.

Do you have a diamond you love but a setting you don’t? Give old family gems a lot of love and a new life with a Joslin’s restoration and resetting! Read more about how to make a family heirloom your own!

With Joslin’s help, you can personalize your family history by turning a well-loved piece into a modern and meaningful masterpiece.

Ready to make earth-conscious decisions in the jewelry department? Contact us online today for a consultation or a restoration piece!