Men’s Wedding Band Metals

A quick guide into the popular and durable metals for men’s wedding bands

You’re getting married! Congratulations! The question is asked and the wedding date is set so the hardest part is over – or so you thought until you started trying to select wedding rings! Who knew there were so many metal options for men’s wedding bands!? Joslin’s Jewelry knows – and we’re here to offer insight and assistance into picking the right band to suit your personality, your lifestyle, and most importantly, your budget. Our men’s wedding band line comes directly from Benchmark Rings. 

Here are the most popular wedding band metals for men:

Platinum – You thought this would start with gold, didn’t you? Platinum is actually right at the top of the wedding metal list! As one of the rarest metals in the world, platinum comes at a high cost but its durability speaks for itself. Looking for a band to last a lifetime and then some? Platinum is a strong choice to consider. A leading metal band since the 90s, platinum is an ideal investment; while costing more upfront, it’s a more practical choice in the long run.


Gold – Ever a favorite, gold will always be a strong romantic choice. As a metal itself, gold is very soft and malleable so it is often paired with other metals to create a stronger but still beautiful alloy. The key is finding the right gold hue for your unique wedding piece.

    • Yellow gold is a classic choice that looks good on anyone but on olive or darker skin tones? It’s a humdinger for sure.
    • White gold is a timeless and smooth option that pairs well with paler or fair skin tones.
    • Rose gold is making a rise in popularity because the copper alloy lends a warm romantic hue to the piece but don’t be fooled by the mysterious glow; the copper makes rose gold one of the stronger gold alloys and is more durable by far.

Do keep in mind that the soft nature of gold will mean regular “check-ups” and buffing over the years.


Palladium – Not a metal you necessarily hear about often, palladium can fly under the radar. Similar to platinum in looks, this beautiful metal is much less expensive than original platinum but much more fitting for an active lifestyle. Lightweight and versatile, this is one of the few hypoallergenic metals!


Titanium – Titanium is also popular for its lightweight characteristic but sophisticated look. Palladium and titanium alike are quite versatile and the options for detailed designs are endless. Titanium is usually a silver-white hue but intriguing black is also an option!


Tungsten – A true favorite for the man who works with his hands, tungsten never tarnishes and is very low maintenance – perfect for an active lifestyle and the hardworking man. White, grey, or black, tungsten is another good choice for unique designs but make sure you know your ring size before buying – tungsten cannot be resized.

Joslin’s Jewelry loves nothing more than helping their customers find the perfect fit; jewelry is all about taste and there’s nothing the Joslin family prefers to finding or creating just the right piece for each unique client. Whether your wedding is just around the corner or you’re just getting started, Joslin’s is the professional and personal guide to finding the right wedding band for you.

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