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We’re introducing a fun new series of videos for social media featuring the namesake behind Joslin’s, Gary Joslin. We started this series as a way to get to know Joslin’s even better! Laugh and learn with this light-hearted and insightful series:

The Joys of Joslin’s! 

Informative and highly entertaining, this lovely series from local jewelry shop Joslin’s Jewelry covers jewelry insights, informational pieces and family background.  Featuring exclusive interviews with owner Gary Joslin, you’ll want to follow along as Gary shares the heart and soul behind Joslin’s Jewelry.

Joslin’s Capture Rate – Customer Comfort over Personal Profit

Many jewelry stores track and prioritize their “capture rate” – that is, how many potential clients through the front door can be “captured” and will close on a sale. Gary Joslin shakes his head at this approach to clientele.

At Joslin’s the emphasis is on customer comfort and satisfaction. From engagement ring selection to delicate repairs, the goal is to make each customer specially happy. “You know, people come in and they want to do business here,” Gary is pleased to say. “That’s why we’re called the jeweler that you recommend – because that’s who we are.”

Watch this full episode of the Joys of Joslin’s now!

Joslin’s Friends – You’re More Than a Customer

In this special episode of the Joy’s of Joslin’s, Gary fondly talks about the store’s loyal clientele. “There’s a lot of places you can buy a diamond, ” he laughs, “but there’s only one Joslin’s Jewelry.” He describes the Joslin’s motto as “the jewelers you recommend to your friends and family” and that’s all possible because of the way this jewelry store views its customers in the first place.

“The industry is so big-business-like, they don’t want to help the little person,” Gary remarks shaking his head. “I just want you to be a happy friend of Joslin’s Jewelry….it’s about making friends and keeping friends.”

Learn more about what it means to be a valued customer – and friend! – of Joslin’s when you watch the full interview clip here!


Joslin’s Engagement Rings – The Right Ring for Your One-of-a-Kind Love Story

Discover how Joslin’s Jewelry is committed to finding – or creating! – the perfect ring for each wonderful customer. In this segment of The Joys of Joslin’s, Gary Joslin discusses the importance of an engagement ring and our promise to enchant your sweetheart with the wedding ring of their dreams!

Plus Gary shares what love really means and how important the role of friendship is in your relationship. Watch The Joys of Joslin’s on Engagement Rings now!


Joslin’s Background – The Dynamic History of a Local Jewelry Company

Since 1977, Joslin’s Jewelry has been delighting customers with sparkling gems and excellent service. With the trust of over three generations of customers, Joslin’s is honored to continue to serve the local Kansas City community to this day. Hear about the founding of Joslin’s Jewelry, discover Joslin’s design experience, and witness for yourself the witty quips of owner Gary who keeps the local community and customers giggling today.


Joslin’s Repairs – Invested in Your Treasures

Fixing jewelry is one of the great joys of Joslin’s. Each of your jeweled pieces is personal and precious, and at Joslin’s we appreciate how much your jewelry means to you. Learn how each and every custom repair and jewelry service is done with care by our certified full-time, in-store professionals.


Joslin’s Diamonds – The Best of the Best

Learn the trade secrets of buying high quality diamonds from certified gemologist and Joslin’s owner Gary Joslin. Joslin’s prizes top quality and customer transparency; at Joslin’s we want to be sure you get something we’ll both be proud of.

“If I wouldn’t put it on my own wife, I don’t have it here to sell to you!” Gary remarks!