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You’ve had time all year, but suddenly your anniversary is right around the corner and you’re wildly unprepared.

Joslin’s is an expert when it comes to celebrating love so here’s some inspiration for milestone wedding anniversary gems and metals; whether you’re on a budget or looking for something exquisitely unique, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your spouse!

Joslin’s knows a lot about love and jewelry so take our big tip: make it personal. Get creative with your gifts; everyone loves a simple elegant pendant or a classy gem-studded watch, but don’t be afraid to customize a fine hairpiece for your girl with gorgeous locks or design incredible cuff links for your fine-looking businessman. For custom design pieces, Joslin’s own Elicia will sit down with you and work out just the piece to bring out the happy tears! Contact us today!

First Anniversary

Main: Gold

Alternative: Peridot

The first year rushes past in a whirl! Show your spouse how precious your love is with a gift in precious metal: gold! If you’re on a budget, opt for something gold-toned or gold-coated instead of solid gold. After the wedding, honeymoon, and other high expenses, many young couples are on a tight budget – in which case the peridot is an excellent alternative. If your spouse is a Leo with an August birthday, the peridot is their birthstone as well so you might just hit a home run on that one.

Fifth Anniversary

Main: Sapphire

Alternative: Pink Tourmaline

Congratulations! You’ve got some time under your belt now – and maybe a few extra pounds. Happy weight is good weight, and everyone knows the happiest kind of weight is the shiny jeweled kind. Sapphires are great for your five-year mark because they stand for loyalty and are a more durable gem.

Celebrate your colorful lives with a gem that’s just as brilliant. Sapphires come in yellow, green, peach, pink and purple – not just true blue! For a similar less pricey option, be sure to check out the brilliance of fiery pink tourmaline!

Tenth Anniversary

Main: Diamond

Alternative: Amethyst

Diamond stud earrings a classic favorite for this anniversary; if your significant other doesn’t own a pair this is a perfect addition to their gemstone wardrobe. For a little more dazzle, try something sparkly like dangly earrings or a studded bracelet. Other couples use this anniversary to add on to their wedding band set – add another dazzling diamond studded band to reaffirm your vows and reminisce on ten years of growth and togetherness.

Another lovely option is the amethyst. The birthstone of February carries all hues of purple, lavender, and violet; for a romantic reminder of your years together, dreamy amethyst is a sweet stone to choose.

Fifteenth Anniversary

Main: Ruby

Alternative: Red Spinel

Nothing says romance and passion quite like the deep red ruby; reignite the spark with a gem that has historically symbolized love. Rubies pair well with just about every metal so you’re sure to complement skin tone well. Red Spinel gemstones are actually more rare than rubies, and even though they are practically identical, red spinels are generally cheaper because of lesser demand. Budgeting couples: this is your ticket.

Twentieth Anniversary

Main: Emerald

Alternative: Green Tourmaline

Emeralds are incredibly stunning and certainly worthy of a twenty year celebration. From paly green to bold deep forest hues, emeralds are sure to make a statement; however, they tend to be a bit fragile – even difficult to set. Green tourmaline comes without all the internal fractures emeralds can experience and is just as intriguing in color! The best part: green tourmalines are durable and ready for all the years to come!

Twenty Fifth Anniversary

Main: Silver

Alternative: Sterling Silver

Nothing celebrates your silver wedding anniversary quite like…well, silver! Shimmery and timeless, silver is an excellent ring or necklace choice. True silver will tarnish fairly quickly so sterling silver is a great option that will need less intensive care.

Fiftieth Anniversary

Main: Gold

Alternative: Golden Topaz

Gold is the treasured metal that shows just how treasured your love it; you’ve come a long way and nothing says timeless and true like gold. If your significant other has a lot of gold, consider opting for a white or rose gold as a symbol of changing but enduring love. All the colors, all the love – happy 50th!

For a golden celebration with a bit of a twist, check out the brilliant warm hues of golden topaz! This high quality stone is also called imperial topaz, and it certainly is royal. Celebrate your noble status of fifty years together with a majestic stone like golden topaz.

Other Anniversaries

While jewelry is most common on the aforementioned milestone anniversaries, there are plenty of other jeweled ways to say “I love you” and “Happy anniversary!” Other top favorite jewelry gifts include:

  • A jewelry item with birthstones (as mentioned above)
  • Using the birthstone of the month that the couple was married
  • An engraved locked with a picture of the couple inside
  • Sentimental jewelry with designs personal to the couple like the infinity symbol or a heart
  • A mother’s ring with the birthstones of the couple’s children or with the same number of diamonds as children.
  • Jewelry in the favorite color of your spouse

Whatever the anniversary, however long the years, Joslin’s can’t wait to help you celebrate with the perfect jeweled piece for your love!