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Every diamond is one-of-a-kind– just like your relationship! Even two diamonds of the exact same size, cut and dimensions will have inclusions and blemishes that make them unique. When making a once in a lifetime purchase such as a diamond, it’s important to know you are getting the highest quality diamond at the best price.

Unlike most jewelry stores, every customer who walks through the door at Joslin’s in search of the perfect engagement ring will get the opportunity to view their diamond through a loupe. The loupe, pronounced loop, is the most common tool used to inspect diamonds. With a magnification of 10X, viewing your diamond through a loupe allows you to see your diamond up close and personal – viewing details that are invisible to the naked eye.

This experience is an honest and open assessment of the diamond inventory available at Joslin’s. Other jewelers may avoid this practice due to not having high quality merchandise in stock.

What exactly are you looking for when viewing your diamond through a loupe?

  1. Does your diamond match it’s grading report? All of Joslin’s diamonds come with a GIA grading and certification. When inspecting your diamond, one of Joslin’s jewelry experts will explain the details behind each diamond grade and let you compare the accuracy for yourself!
  2. Once you have positively identified the inclusions within the diamond compared to its GIA report, remove the loupe and see if you can spot the inclusions with the naked eye. We are confident at Joslin’s this will never be the case. See if you agree with our jewelry experts yourself!

Joslin’s Jewelry owner, Gary Joslin, hand picks each diamond on display. Through this process, Gary eliminates all diamonds with black carbon spots and cracks – guaranteeing every diamond sold at Joslin’s is the best quality you can get for the most reasonable price in town!

Ready to view Joslin’s quality diamond selection for yourself? Come visit the jewelry experts at Joslin’s – the jeweler you can trust! We can’t wait to help you find the perfect diamond for the perfect engagement!