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Pulling off a successful surprise proposal requires preparation – and research! Choosing the perfect ring style is difficult enough, but what about her ring size? One could just ask outright, but a true surprise requires something more stealthy!
Getting Started

Before transforming into super-spy, there are a few key factors to be considered before determining an exact size. The first thing to keep in mind is also the most important: Finger sizes can fluctuate! It’s true, when hands are cold, fingers become slightly smaller; and, when hands are hot, fingers can swell up larger than their normal size!

The bandwidth of a ring is also a factor. Thinner bands fit looser than thicker (wider) bands. What this means is if you believe a particular size may be on the snug side but the band is on the wider size, it’s likely a safe bet to go up a size.

Another important factor to consider is that a person’s dominant hand is typically slightly bigger. (That goes the same with feet, but we’ll save that tidbit for a future toe ring sizing guide!) While going about your covert ring sizing quest, one obvious but important thing to remember: Be sure your finding the size for the correct finger – that would be the exact finger the ring will be worn on! (Typically this is the finger next to the pinky finger on the left hand!)

Finally, if you are stuck between two sizes, it’s better to be a little big than to be a little small. With these tips in mind, let’s move on to how you can get your partner’s ring size without revealing your big plan!

Fake Ring Gift

If done with enough subtleness, you can bring up ring sizes to your partner under the ruse that you are purchasing a gift for a family member. Tell them you want to gift your mom or sister a ring, but you aren’t sure the size and you think they have a similar finger size as them. Really seal the deal by purchasing an inexpensive ring in that size and showing it to them later to see if the fit was a good choice. Then, once the proposal is done, they’ll have a second ring as a memento of the work you put in to secretly find out their ring size!

Enlist a Close Friend’s Help

This may be the easiest way to discover your partner’s ring size, but only if they have a close friend you can trust to keep a secret! Ask them to ask your partner what their ring size is, but in a way that won’t raise suspicion. It’s best to have a backup plan for this because it could take some time for the friend to find the right moment to bring up the topic without seeming too obvious and you run the risk that your partner doesn’t know their ring size either, which won’t get you very far.

Engagement Ring Shop with a Friend

Similar to the previous one, this method involves a little more acting. Have a friend with a long-term partner that isn’t engaged or married yet ask your significant other for help with engagement ring shopping. While out shopping, have your friend mention to your significant other that their finger size seems about the same as their partner’s and suggest that they should get their finger sized. Since a jeweler will be there with the right sizing tools, you’ll be sure to get an exact measurement, too! As an added bonus, this is an excellent time for your friend to gather intel on what engagement ring styles they like if you are still unsure.

Borrow One of Her Other Rings

If your partner already has some rings they like to wear, chances are they do so because they are a good fit for their fingers. Very carefully, borrow one of her rings and bring it to a jeweler and ask them to measure the size of it. If you are too nervous to take it with you, another option is to lie it on a piece of paper and trace around the outer edge and inner edge of the ring. Do this several times and bring the paper to a good jeweler, who should be able to get a pretty close reading on the measurement from your tracing. There are also many “handy” mobile apps that can help determine a ring’s size, too. These apps have you place the ring on your phone screen and adjust the measuring tool to the inner circle of the ring.

Have Them Try on a Friend’s Ring

If your partner has a recently engaged or married friend, have them ask your partner to try their ring on. The friend will know what size their ring is and can let you know if it was too big, too small, or just right for your partner. Chances are the friend won’t be quick to give up your secret and will be excited to help out!

Ask Joslin’s for a Stand-In Ring

Many couples love to shop for an engagement ring together, especially if they plan on designing a custom ring. Even if you want to do shop for it together, you can still have the fun of a surprise proposal first! Joslin’s Jewelry has stand-in engagement rings you can borrow for your romantic proposal! After the big surprise, just bring the stand-in engagement ring back with your significant other and shop together at Joslin’s for the real engagement ring!

Don’t let the stress of figuring out your partner’s ring size take all the fun out of planning a special proposal! If the size isn’t quite right, you can bring it to Joslin’s and our expert jewelers will easily size it in no time at all!