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Father’s Day is right around the corner – for Joslin’s Jewelry owner, Gary Joslin and daughter Elicia, their bond deserves more than just one day of recognition. In honor of Father’s Day, Gary and Elicia wrote down a few thoughts on what it means to have one another in their life.

Gary & Elicia Joslin Then

To My Father, My dad and I have always been very close. Growing up I remember going to dinner together and drawing on the tables while guessing what one another was drawing. When you come into our business, you are sure to hear even more stories told by my dad about him and I. Whether it’s reminiscing on long nights working on school projects together or other random stories about me growing up – my dad is always gushing about how much he loves me and how proud he is to be my father. My dad has pushed me to achieve my goals and I would not be the woman I am today without him.

Gary & Elicia Joslin Now

To My Daughter, When I first held my daughter in my arms, life as I knew it completely changed. She instantly gave me a new purpose! It went from just my wife and I to Elicia as the center of our universe. The happiness that abounds in watching Elicia grow in life is a joy one can only experience with parenting. I could not be prouder of the woman my daughter has grown to be.

Looking to get the special father in your life a gift that will last a lifetime? Come see Gary and Elicia at Joslin’s Jewelry. They’ll help you select the perfect gift for Dad, or Elicia can even create a custom piece herself.

Happy Father’s Day from everyone here at Joslin’s Jewelry!