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When you give your special someone something sparkling and stunning from Joslin’s – they’ll cherish it for years to come!

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved one it’s time to visit Joslin’s! The jewelry cases at Joslin’s are lined with gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pieces, hand-picked by Gary Joslin and his team of jewelry experts, from the country’s top jewelry artisans!

With so many options to choose from, Gary Joslin suggests:

“Keep it simple! Choose jewelry that is elegant and delicate so they can comfortably wear it each day with their other most loved pieces.”

Joslin’s can help you pick out that special piece that will be worn and loved every day – below are a few favorites!

Stackable Rings

Over the past several years stackable rings have grown rapidly in popularity. Stackable rings give the wearer the ability to customize and personalize their rings to match their style, as well as dress up or dress down for any occasion. For a truly personal, seamless fit, Joslin’s has hundreds of stackable rings to explore that can be adjusted to fit beautifully alongside rings your loved one already wears every day.

What’s more, the possibilities for personalization with stackable rings are nearly endless! For example:

  • Mix and match metals
  • Vary the bandwidth and shapes
  • Balance bolder rings with more simple styles
  • Add a little color with various bright gemstones (perhaps a birthstone ring for even more of a personal touch!)

Inside-Out Diamond Hoops

For something to light up her face a little brighter, consider a pair of striking inside-out diamond hoops! These are an elegant spin on classic hoops. The front-facing edge and inner-back rim of the hoops are both lined with light-catching diamonds that sparkle brightly from most any angle. The look is elevated and glamorous – without being obnoxious or gaudy. Equally perfect for a regular day at the office or a fancy night out!

Diamond Studs

One of the most popular gifts in jewelry for the holidays – or most any special occasion – are diamond studs! Timeless diamond studs are a surefire dazzler everyone loves to add to their jewelry collection. Diamond studs add a touch of luxury to any outfit – whether out on the town or staying in for an evening with friends.

Joslin’s has a beautiful selection of high-quality diamond studs in a wide range of styles and sizes. And, Joslin’s staff has the knowledge and experience you need to assist you in choosing just the right pair.

Visit Joslin’s today and check out these beautiful gift options – and many more! Joslin’s experienced staff is here to help you find the perfect holiday gift no matter your gift-giving budget!