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Do you have a white gold wedding ring? If so, don’t be alarmed when the rhodium – a precious metal and member of the platinum family – on the surface begins to wear off and the original yellow gold starts to emerge on the surface – this is a natural process. Joslin’s Jewelry is here to help bring the brightness of your white gold wedding ring back to its original brilliance with rhodium plating!

Surprising to many, rhodium plating is not only used to make white gold shine again, but all white gold originally undergoes rhodium plating when first designed. Those unfamiliar with the jewelry business may be thinking what exactly is rhodium plating?

Before & After Joslin’s Rhodium Plating

Rhodium plating is a standard process used to bring a bleached white appearance to white gold jewelry. As compared to gold, rhodium is much more reflective and provides a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish.

When you bring your white gold ring in to Joslin’s Jewelry to be rhodium plated, a microscopic layer of rhodium is plated over the original white gold through an electroplating procedure – leaving your ring shinier than ever!

So, how long does rhodium plating last? Because it is just plating, the rhodium will wear off over time. Typically lasting a year, it is recommended to have your ring plated as often as every six months. For white gold engagement and wedding bands that are worn daily, it is advised to have your ring inspected regularly by Joslin’s Jewelry.

Stop by Joslin’s Jewelry located at 9529 Antioch Rd in Overland Park, Kansas to have your ring inspected and find out if your precious jewelry needs rhodium plating today. We’re ready to bring your white gold jewelry back to life!